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Long overdue update  
06:38pm 19/01/2011
Well where to start....I am working on my second semester of school/ I have started group sessions at my local mental health clinic. Oh and I am moving in a few months. I'm getting my own place this time. Nervous as hell but it should be better than my current living arrangements. If anyone has tips for me, feel free to share them. I'm on a time crunch for this post since class starts in a few minutes, so I'll add more later or post a new entry. See you all after class.
mood: blahblah
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(no subject)
09:55am 15/03/2011 (UTC)
Slytherin Skin: Malfoy sneer
hi megbot, it's me! so add me!
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10:04am 15/03/2011 (UTC)
Meg: Heart Grenade
Added ya, Draco!
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